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On Emergency Response Day (Dag van de BHV), the whole of the Netherlands puts emergency response officers in the spotlight. On this page you will find the available campaign material. Anyone is free to use this material, provided the activity supports the above purpose, the material remains unmodified and is not used commercially. If you can’t seem to find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

  • 2021 A3 EN Campagneposter 1
  • 2021 A3 EN Campagneposter 2
  • 2021 A4 EN Campagneposter 1
  • 2021 A4 EN Campagneposter 2
  • 2021 A4 Leaflet EN Thema
  • 2021 Presentatie Narrowcasting standaard 
  • 2021 Presentatie Narrowcasting landscape 
  • 2021 Banner – ‘I’ll do it for you to!’ 
  • 2021 Banner – ‘We are proud of our emergency response officers!’ 
  • 2021 Banner – ‘Do you know our emergency response officer(s)?’ 
  • 2021 Banner – ‘Your ERO colleague looks after you too!’